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Single Technologies AB
Sankt Eriksgatan 48F
112 34 Stockholm

+46 (0) 735 280 550


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Single Technologies is a Stockholm-based deep tech company aiming to transform the data generation in sequencing completely through our patented 3-D sequencing, a truly disruptive technology.

Single was founded in 2014 as a unique combination of research from the Royal Institute of Technology and R&D in the fiber optical grating industry. A strong multidisciplinary team is pushing the limits of what the industry assumes is possible when it comes to sequencing and Big Data generation.


Dr. Johan Strömqvist (CEO/founder)
Founder of Apiconisis, PhD Biological physics (KTH), MSc Mathematics (Stockholm University) and MSc Engineering Physics (KTH)


Anders Börjefors (CFO)
Credit Suisse, UBS, MSc Economics & business (Stockholm School of Economics)


Bengt Sahlgren (CSO/founder)
Founder Proximion, Institute of Optical Research, 20+ patents in fiberoptics, MSc Mechanical engineer (KTH)


Patrik Johansson (CTO)
Tradeshift, Accenture, Ericsson, Propertyfinder, MSc Media Technology (KTH)


Dr. Xiang Jiao (Chief Genomics Officer)
Postdoctoral fellow at International Agency for Research on Cancer and at Karolinska Institutet, PhD Medical sciences (Uppsala University)


Johan Österling (Chairman); LLM/MLB Council of Europe


Dr. Johan Strömqvist (CEO/founder)


Bengt Sahlgren (CSO/founder)


Steve Glavas; 10X Genomics, Celsee, Thermo Fisher, Head of NGS at Public Health Sweden, Lic. Phil. Molecular biology & MBA (San Jose State University)


Bob Kain

Former Chief Engineering Officer Illumina and a renowned pioneer in genomics. Bob led the invention of the modern, high throughput genome sequencer that brought the cost from millions of dollars down to less than $1000 and led to Illumina’s success and domination of the NGS field. Bob is lead inventor on 28 U.S. patents that led to the breakthroughs that have revolutionized genome sequencing.


Prof. Ulf Landegren

MD and PhD, professor of molecular medicine at Uppsala and previously postdoc with Lee Hood at Caltech. Ulf has authored 230 peer-reviewed publications, and he is inventor of 50 patents or applications. His unique innovations include padlock probes for measuring DNA and proximity ligation assays for detecting proteins. Ten biotech companies have their origins in his lab including Olink and ParAllele Biosciences. Member of EMBO and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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