Model Theta

Model Theta is the worlds fastest single molecule sensitive 3D video microscope. With a field-of-view covering 10,000 cells in high resolution, in 3D and at a frame rate of 100 Hz, Single Technologies takes imaging and high content screening to a whole new level.


Molecules and 10,000 Cells

16x16x100,000 voxels/ms

0.5×0.5×1 μm3 resolution

Single Molecule Detection

True 3D


Molecules, 10,000,000 Cells and 10×1 cm2 Tissue

16x16x100,000 voxels/ms

0.5×0.5×1 μm3 resolution

Single Molecule Detection

True 3D



SINGLE’s Model ThetaTM is the worlds fastest single molecule sensitive 3D video microscope. It allows you to make high resolution videos of molecules, live cells and tissue. Model ThetaTM is capable of producing 10,000 3D images of single cells in just 10 milliseconds. We call it video-based High Throughput Imaging.


Along with its speed and true 3D optics, SINGLE’s Model ThetaTM is equipped with a unique Dynamic Imaging mode. This enables it to track individually labelled molecules, biomarkers, protein-protein interactions, protein complexes or vesicles within each living cell or well without any amplification. This facilitates extremely simple, accurate, novel and flexible assays. If the cells are fixed or you are happy with your existing cell-based or biochemical assay, then just select the Static mode for High Throughput Imaging.


Due to the ultrasensitive detection system of Model ThetaTM, it is possible to measure on extremely diluted samples or sub-microlitre sample volumes, saving both reagent and compound costs.