In situ Sequencing

in Collaboration with SciLifeLab


In situ sequencing in single cells and tissue

In-situ RNA seq is a new method of sequencing a cells's RNA while it remains in tissue or culture using next-generation sequencing. Compared with other approaches histological context and spatial information are preserved, and In-situ RNA seq has the potential to transform several areas of research, including drug development in many diseases and characterizing all the possible cells states in the body.

Single is collaborating with SciLifeLab, one of the two leading institutions pioneering the development of In-situ RNA seq. The fast 3D imaging of large areas without compromising single molecule sensitivity and diffraction limited resolution enables the method to reach its full potential, and the capabilities of the fluidic system streamlines the chemistry.




Next Generation Sequencing

Why improve NGS in the era of the $1000 genome? The next step is population genomics to realize the full potential of Big Data and AI for accurate diagnosis and personalized treatments, but it can only be enabled with substantially faster and cheaper sequencing to generate the need amount of data.

Single’s technology both speeds up the sequencing and brings down the cost for the chemistry. The efficiency is increased in every part of the process, with fast large area, single molecule sensitive and diffraction limited scanning, rapid exchange of liquids and less need of reagents, and new methods for dense patterning of substrate surfaces.


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