Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Single Technologies has a long tradition in fiber optic, ultra-sensitive fluorescence spectroscopy, proteomics and genomics, Our ambition is to become a leading provider of single molecule imaging technologies for the 21st century diagnostics and pharmacology.

Single is located close to Karolinska Institutet, the Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University – a vital research area in the field of state-of-the-art single molecule fluorescence technologies and life science, with a strongly international collaborative spirit.

We offer high quality technologies, assays and solutions related to drug discovery and diagnostics with quantitative output. We take pride in doing this in an innovative and responsible way.

Our IP-protected imaging system, unique know-how and strong international partners guarantee major competitive advantages.

Our strategy is: to accelerate innovation through collaboration with external researchers and partnering companies regardless of nationality; and to strengthen our position in key markets through the expansion of our product and service offerings by providing very high quality, ease of use and good design.


Johan Strömqvist, CEO

Bengt Sahlgren, Product Architect 

Nils Wimmerstedt, Chief Financial Officer


Nils Wimmerstedt (Chairman), MBA, Founder & CEO BrommaTryck

Pär Nordström, M.Sc, Almi invest, Former CEO NeoDynamics

Sören Johansson, M.Sc, Former VP Elekta

Hans Johansson, M.Sc, Former VP ThermoFisher, CEO Personal Chemistry

Bengt Sahlgren, M.Sc, Founder Proximion, Founder SINGLE

Annika Bolind Bågenholm, M.Sc, Founder SINGLE

Johan Strömqvist, Ph.D, Founder SINGLE

Raoul Stubbe (Co-opted), Ph.D, Founder & CEO Proximion, Founder SINGLE