Single Technologies is pushing the limits of genomics by combining single molecule imaging, fast large area confocal scanning, grating techniques, fluidics, nanotechnology and a large portion of out of the box thinking. Our technology is being explored by leaders and industry in the genomics field who cares about Big Data generation.


Single Technologies was founded by Johan Strömqvist, Bengt Sahlgren, Annika Bolind Bågenholm and Raoul Stubbe in 2012/2013. The origin of the company is a unique combination of PhD research in single molecule imaging and biotechnology at the Royal Institute of Technology and R&D in the fiber optical grating industry by the founders of Proximion in Stockholm, Sweden.


Our prediction is an exponential increase of the need of sequenced data to enable the full potential of applying Big Data and AI to genetic analysis, in particular accurate diagnoses and personalized treatments, where SINGLE’s breakthroughs will play a major role enabling such progress.


Our IP-protected sequencing system, unique know-how and strong international partners guarantee major competitive advantages.


Our strategy is to reach the full potential of our developments through collaboration with external researchers and partnering companies, and to further strengthen our position through continuous cross-functional innovation building on our unique capabilities.


Johan Strömqvist, CEO

Bengt Sahlgren, Product Architect 

Annika Bolind Bågenholm, Application Manager

Nils Wimmerstedt, Chief Financial Officer



Nils Wimmerstedt (Chairman), MBA, Founder & CEO BrommaTryck

Pär Nordström, M.Sc, Almi invest, Former CEO NeoDynamics

Sören Johansson, M.Sc, Former VP Elekta

Hans Johansson, M.Sc, Former VP ThermoFisher, CEO Personal Chemistry

Bengt Sahlgren, M.Sc, Founder Proximion, Founder SINGLE

Annika Bolind Bågenholm, M.Sc, Founder SINGLE

Johan Strömqvist, Ph.D, Founder SINGLE

Raoul Stubbe (Co-opted), Ph.D, Founder & CEO Proximion, Founder SINGLE